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Lost In Mobile is the continuation of PDA-247 which, under various names, provided news, reviews and commentary on the mobile world for 10 years.

I have been writing about the mobile industry, mobile products, apps and everything else in between and beyond for more than 10 years, and currently write freelance for Imagine Publishing and also undertake one-off projects upon request.

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Shaun McGill

Your home screen for £50

Gavin isn't giving up on the home screen competition and has sent in yet another entry. "This is my final home screen setup. I prefer this as it's got everything on 1 screen. Tap the clock and enter the clock app. Tap weather and get a full page of weather info. Tap the date and this brings up the calendar. Next is the switches widget, and tapping the last ... brings up everything that's a setting as a switch. The task icon, allows one tap to close running apps. Beneath that I have my 5 websites bookmarks I use the most. Then I have 10 of the most used apps. The dock swipes left or right or loops to allow for 3 x 5 apps. Again all on one page. I love the scroll themed clock too."