Would you pay double for your favourite mobile device?

You can think of this as a question of the day if you like. Would you pay double the amount you did for your preferred mobile device? Think about how much use it gets and then consider doubling the asking price to see if you still regard it as value for money.

I have to say that for the use my iPhone gets, I would genuinely consider paying £800 for it because I use it so much. I would, however, not do the same for my iPad or Kindle because they do not receive the same amount of usage.

It is all about the smartphone for me and when I consider GPS, email, social networking, calendars, games, eBooks, news, phone calls, instant messages, notes, texts, music, video, podcasts, camera and… shall I go on? When I consider what is available to me, and used, throughout every day I can’t imagine not having I with me.

So, yes I would pay a lot for the best smartphone I can get, but everything else is a mere luxury to me when it comes to mobile devices.