Would a thicker smartphone kill us?

The iPhone 4, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and Samsung Galaxy S 2 smartphones are very thin, easy to hold and look great. They also need charging once a day.

It is a difficult balance to build a phone that looks better than the rest on the shop shelf while including a battery that will ‘easily’ get through a day’s use. I know I sound like a broken record, but I would be happy to carry around a slightly thicker phone if the benefit is more battery life.

The convenience of owning a super thin phone is quickly eradicated by the inconvenience of worrying about having to charge it. Think about how you carry your phone; it’s either in a pocket, in a case or hung on a belt. In all of these scenarios, an extra 3mm would make no difference, but could potentially completely change the way the phone is used.

I understand that phones need to be slim, but we have easily reached the point where they can fatten up a little and still be thin. The problem is that they are getting so big (4.3” screen) that adding more thickness makes them difficult to use one-handed.

I don’t care though- give me battery life over design any day.