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Who can possibly challenge Android and iOS?

As the months pass, it seems that Android and iOS are continuing to maintain their dominant positions in the smartphone sector and in many countries are starting to pull away even further. When we look at the competition, we see the following-

BlackBerry- customers and money is sadly falling out of the hands of RIM at a frightening rate and there seems to be no stopping the fall of the one mighty Canadian telecoms giant. BlackBerry 10 is probably the last hope in the ‘product’ category, but I wouldn’t bet against RIM repeating the mistakes of the past and failing to catch up with the iPhone and the high-end Samsung and HTC devices.

Windows Phones- the numbers of Lumias sold are conspicuous by their absence and it is difficult to judge just how well the platform is doing at this time. The low single-digit market share numbers, however, suggest that the platform has so far failed to capture the imaginations of the masses.

And who else? Well, there is Bada which is not really a smartphone platform and that’s about your lot. With so many companies hooking their mobile dreams on Android and the incredibly surge in iOS ownership, it really is difficult to see who can challenge the big two at this time. I am hopefully completely wrong on this point, but something tells me that this time next year we will be in the exact same position as we are now.