When I want to

I never watch scheduled TV anymore or listen to the radio. I only ever watch films, TV programmes and listen to music and podcasts when I want to. My mind set has completely changed in the past two years and the thought of having to sit down in front of the TV when a company tells me to feels very strange indeed.

In my car, podcasts and music are played from the iPhone. At home, BBC iPlayer, Netflix and recorded shows from Sky are what we watch and that’s it. My daughter (aged 8) watches The Disney Channel now and again, but even for her, DVDs are her main form of visual entertainment or videos stored in iTunes. My son never watches scheduled TV (he is 11) and prefers his Xbox and rented movies from iTunes or DVDs.

It is scary how quickly we have changed and the fact that my children already see scheduled entertainment as something old fashioned highlights how this medium will go in the future. Nowhere from what I can see.