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What is portable?

Jim Dalrymple, the man behind The Loop and Amplified has been known to curse the Samsung Galaxy Note. Like many who are into their Apple products, they see the Note as a monstrosity that should not be classed as a phone. As far as the Note is concerned I tend to agree on the portability front, but I would like to use the same argument for the iPad, and his beard.

The Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" are both excellent tablets and their size makes them 'go anywhere' devices for when you want to catch up on the move. The lack of 3G aside, the size is what intrigues me with these devices and I find myself using a 7" tablet much more than my iPad when not at home. I could argue that the iPad is a monstrosity of a tablet in comparison. As much as I believe the iPad to be the best tablet available today, it is not portable and like most other tablets is not good for creation.

Their is a perception that has been driven by many of the Apple-related blogs that the iPad is perfect for creation. It isn't. Just because some clever musicians have created music on an iPad or because some seriously talented artists have drawn beautiful pictures does not make it a creative device for the rest of us. I can't update this blog easily with my iPad, I don't write freelance articles on the iPad and I don't expect to. I use it for web browsing, gaming, watching movies, occasional email and Twitter, all of which work just as well on a 7" tablet. And when I want to get some serious work done, my iMac is the tool I use and probably always will.

Rumours persist of Apple working on a smaller iPad and I for one hope that they are true because in my experience the smaller size works better 80% of the time. When travelling, lying in bed or simply sitting in a coffee shop and passing the time of day, a smaller tablet makes everything seem easier, not constrained.

Jim is brilliant- The Loop is an example of how to push an unbiased blog to the masses, Amplified is a must-listen-to event for me and his laugh is one of the highlights of my week. He is different from the usual bloggers and tech geeks in almost every way. His beard, in comparison to normal beards, is far from portable, but it does make him stand out. The thing is that tablets shouldn't stand out, they should simply fit the lives we lead.