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Shaun McGill

What I want iOS 6 to bring

The gradual evolution of iOS has been frustrating at times and also completely logical. We are left with a mobile solution that is reliable, quick to use and which just does what it needs to.

However, there are also some annoyances that remain. The most obvious is the lack of quick access to aeroplane mode and Wi-Fi / Bluetooth settings. Seriously, stick them in the notification centre, as an option, and have done with it. Everyone will be happy with that and I don’t ‘think’ it can cause stability issues?

On the subject of notifications, options should be provided to show what’s happening in the top bar. They would not be interactive, but a small icon showing whether new messages or emails have come in would actually make me use the notification centre. I haven’t touched it in months and always forget it is there whereas on Android the notifications at the top prompt me to use and do not get in the way. Again, this could be optional for those who like the clean look.

Optional is the word here and this would allow Apple to add many new features while retaining the completely stripped down interface that it employs now for those who like it. Widgets fall into this category, but would require a massive change to the entire architecture and I really cannot see Apple bringing these in. The only way I can see them being integrated into iOS is for a home key activation to be used to bring them up in the same way they work in Mac OS. As for Siri, I don’t know what they should do with it and it doesn’t bother me if it stays or not.

And that’s it really. Nothing major needed and all relatively easy to implement. However, a serious change to the hardware is a definite requirement.