Washing Machines

I have recently started to appreciate the design of my smartphone, tablet and desktop and in my head confined such thoughts to mobile devices. And then my wife and I went searching for a new washing machine.

This is hardly the most exciting of purchases, but we need a new one and as it happens an oven and a fridge as well because we are getting a new kitchen. What struck me was how I viewed these mundane objects and how I expected more from the design. Never before had I considered white good to require any design at all and was quite happy as long as they worked, but as I wondered around the store I was shocked at how some manufacturers are quite happy to make their products look completely dreadful while others seem to be making small steps in the right direction.

Take a look at these three examples-

To me the top one looks the best, the middle one is dreadful and the last one is average. I was surprised how long I spent just staring at the design of the controls while my wife quite logically looked at price, specs and the overall design. Is it just me or do you also believe that manufacturers of all products could do better when it comes to design?