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Shaun McGill

The perfect case?

"Get "the ridiculously expensive Amazon lighted case". It IS the best. It protects the Kindle and just works.

Honestly, my Kindle has never been out of the case and I just think about the Kindle as coming with a light. It's pricy, but essential, in my view. Unless, of course, you like perching plasticky LED gizmos all over it. If you do, good luck to you."

Peter M.

It is annoying how often Peter is right, but in this case I have to bow down and agree with him. It took me many days to decide if £50 for an eReader case was too much, but curiosity got the better of me and I bought one.

More than anything I wanted a decent light to read with at night and the ones I had tried were all too bright, too fiddly and a complete pain to use. This case appeared to offer a solution to that problem.

It was only when I realised that the case used the power of the Kindle to power the light that I was sold on it. No more batteries, no more separate accessories and an all in one solution that makes all the sense in the world.

I took it home and slotted the Kindle into the case. It felt right and did not add much to the size and very little weight. It looks slightly like a book, but more like a case and it very subtle in black. The back is sculptured around the Kindle, but is still made of leather and rarely has any case fitted a product so closely. It literally hugs it and becomes a part of the form.

The front cover is very thin and arguably quite flimsy which is disappointing in a case at this price and it is not attachable in any way to the rest of the case. The feather lightness is great when reading, but this part could be improved just a touch to round off everything else.

The use of rubber around the edge is clever and you don't notice it visually until you touch it. It marries with the leather perfectly and rounds off a product that looks incredibly over priced, but which is close to perfectly formed.

I admit it, this is the most practical case I have even seen and consider it well worth the money. My Kindle now feels as though it has a light built in to it and is likely to spend the rest of its life sat in it. I just wish I had bought the brown version to add a bit of personality to the equation.