The Galaxy Note II: I get it now

My local Three store let me play with a Samsung Galaxy Note II for an hour yesterday and I came away enlightened, surprised and feeling a little ignorant.

The S Pen stunned me and I was surprised at how quickly I got to grips with it and how natural it felt. It has been said in the past that if you use a stylus, you have failed. This is not just a stylus though, it is much more than that and greatly adds to the potential uses for the Note II.

The screen size, which I have often criticised in the past, brings something new to Android that I did not expect. I have always found the Android interface to feel cramped and overly complex, even on the Galaxy S III, but it seems that the Note II screen makes Android feel as free and natural as the iPhone 5 to me. It’s hard to explain why this particular size offers that particular sensation when the other large Android phones do not, but for me it made a big difference.

The sheer power on offer, the quality of video playback and everything else I tried took me back to a time I had forgotten. It was like playing with a powerful new PDA again, it felt like a leap forward which the iPhone 5 doesn’t. Of course I have waxed lyrical about the iPhone 5 and it will remain my daily smartphone, but I can now see why so many of you are so impressed with the Note II.

I won’t be buying a Note II anytime soon, mainly because it is just too big for me, but I can recognise that it is a more impressive product that the iPhone. It is more powerful, more original and much more flexible. I get it now.