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Lost In Mobile is the continuation of PDA-247 which, under various names, provided news, reviews and commentary on the mobile world for 10 years.

I have been writing about the mobile industry, mobile products, apps and everything else in between and beyond for more than 10 years, and currently write freelance for Imagine Publishing and also undertake one-off projects upon request.

I welcome your comments and thoughts and if you want to get in touch, please do so via the email address or phone number above.

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Shaun McGill

Techinch magazine

I decided to give the new Techinch magazine a try on my iPhone and despite being quite short, first impressions of the writing are very good. This could easily be worth the £1.49 / month asking price.


I first announced the upcoming magazine back in March, but I'd thought of making a magazine or a subscription part of Techinch.com for quite some time. Then, in January when I first heard of TypeEngine, I knew it was something I had to try. I'm always trying new apps anyhow, so the idea of a Markdown powered web app that'd let me publish directly to an iOS app was too exciting to pass by. It took a while to get done, but thanks to the amazing TypeEngine team we've finally got Techinch Magazine launched on the App Store. TypeEngine has made publishing on the iOS Newsstand almost as simple as blogging, and I'm excited that Techinch is one of the first sites to have a companion iOS app powered by TypeEngine's technology.