Taking control

I had a good old moan last week about my iMac and my iPhone 4S and the problems I have encountered with both. Lion has lots of memory problems and of course the 4S has a battery that has never worked properly for me.

I then realised that moaning won’t help me. Apple changed my iPhone 4S a few weeks ago for an iPhone 4S with exactly the same problems. This was not the first time and so I conclude that the iPhone 4S is a complete lemon for the way I use my phone. Something about my usage, and that of others, causes poor battery performance and I don’t see a solution coming any time soon. The time had come to spend more money and buy a decent FM Transmitter for the car that could also charge the iPhone properly. By the time I get to work I am on 100% and when I get back in the car I am on roughly 20%. I charge it on the way home and then when I am home back to 100%. This regime seems to work and means I am not continually stressing about the battery.

For the iMac, I spent £41 on 8GB of RAM and this, so far, has enabled me to work as I need to. The overall speed has increased, but most crucial of all I haven’t suffered the freezes and spinning beach balls that would drive me to distraction every single day.

Some would say that I should not need to spend money to make products work properly, but what else could I do? Most people have decent battery life on their iPhone 4S’ (I say most, but most people I know who own one say it is the worst part of the phone) and I can only presume that most are not affected by the Lion memory problems.

I have, to a point, sorted my mobile and desktop problems without spending a fortune and sort of wonder if it is unrealistic to expect a trouble-free experience all of the time. Unfortunately, Apple does market some of its products in a way that makes us not expect these problems, and to be fair so does every other company I can think of, so maybe I need to take myself back a few years and get my hands dirty now and again to make things work for me.

For a while there things got a little too easy, and maybe I became complacent. Silly me.