Survey says: Siri usage is low

It would seem as if Siri is failing to catch on with the majority of iPhone 4S users, at least according to a new survey by iMore. The numbers are much lower than I was expecting to see, but then again if I am a typical user it makes sense. I haven't touched it in months.

"iMore is an iPhone enthusiast site, so our community is predisposed to adopt new features quickly and use them extensively. Yet Siri usage among the iMore nation remains curiously low. As of today, with over 4000 votes cast, nearly 50% of our readers seldom, if ever, use Siri.

That’s… astonishing. Here’s the full break down:

Almost 5% use Siri often, many times a day.
Over 15% use Siri frequently, on a daily basis.
Roughly 23% use Siri infrequently, at least several times a week
Nearly 50% almost never use Siri, monthly or less.
Just over 7% might use Siri, but it’s not yet available in their native language.

Taken together, only 20% of our iPhone 4S users are using Siri on anything approaching a regular basis. That leaves 80% using it irregularly at best, and 50% barely using it at all."