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I ventured into Carphone Warehouse on Tuesday to pick up a Lumia 520 for a writing project. As I waited for the staff (all 2 of them to become free) I couldn't help but listen to some of the conversations.

Your phone, our way?

We shall ignore the "That Nokia Lumia. Is it a Samsung phone?" comment and put it down to the fact the store is in Crawley and instead concentrate on the lady who was buying a smartphone for her son. She asked the sales lady, who just happened to be wearing a Samsung T-shirt, about the iPhone. She explained that all of her son's friends owned one and that he wanted to use iMessage and some of the games that he had seen them playing.

"Ooh, the iPhone is expensive and a bit out of date now I'm afraid."

"Is it? I though it was the best?"

"No no. The Galaxy S4 is much better and so is the S4 mini."

The lady looked at her confused and so did her son. "But if all of his friends have iPhones…?"

"They will move eventually. Everyone is."

Now, I am stood there playing with a BlackBerry and quite liking it, but also quietly boiling over at the absolute lack of evidence the lady was presenting to the customer, yet still managing to recommend Samsung (remember the T-shirt) above HTC, LG, Apple and everything else.

Fortunately the customer then asked about pricing. She wanted to buy it on Three and the best price for the iPhone 5 (16GB) was no upfront cost and £37/month. £79 + £39/month would get her the 32GB model. The Galaxy S4 was no upfront cost and £37/month so in effect the same, but with the ability to expand the memory via an expansion card. It is obvious that the iPhone is more expensive, but maybe not to the point that the sales lady was suggesting.

Needless to say that after some time the lady bought a Galaxy S4 for her son and I kept quiet. It could be that the Galaxy turns out to be a better phone for him, but it was also apparent that the 'Samsung' phone was a better phone for the lady to sell. I have seen this all too often- a customer with little knowledge easily swayed to buy something different for reasons that are not always clear. In this case I could live with it if the lady hadn't said that the iPhone was out of date. It clearly isn't and is an opinion.