Motorola RAZR MAXX Review

A couple of weeks ago I got a few days with the Motorola RAZR MAXX and my review is now at the Clove Blog.

"Of course, it is easy to quote numbers and not always easy to offer real-world usage that lives up to the expectations, but in this case it seems to be a reasonable claim from Motorola. I received the phone on a Thursday and have given it some tasks to perform. I am writing this on the following Monday and have over 70% battery left. I admit that I have not pushed the phone too hard, but the numbers are still impressive compared to other phones I have used. Compared to the standard RAZR, you pay for this extra battery life with an extra 19 grams of weight and 1.8mm of depth. It really is a minimal change in terms of numbers and this phone is neither heavy nor thick so the battery advantage will be worth it for most users."