London 2012

London 2012 was fabulous wasn't it? Everything seemed to go right- Britain won a stack of medals, the opening ceremony was wonderful and the whole country was given a lift by the brilliant organisation and the exceptional help of the volunteers.

It was also the most connected games yet and anyone with an internet connection, mobile or fixed, could catch up on every event as it happened. We could watch events on our smartphones, choose from 27 BBC channels to check any sport we wanted and eat as much sports-related information 24 hours a day if we so wished. The official BBC smartphone app was stunning and is something I will keep on my phone despite the fact it was designed just for the games and I have to say that the BBC coverage was spot on throughout the games.

Technology played a massive part in these games and as it gets better, so will the general public's interaction with big sporting events. Anyone could feel as though they were a part of the games, whether they were there or not. So, what did you think of London 2012?