Just WHO are the members of the LIM community?

An epic question from Peter M. today. You need to answer every preference. Good luck!

iOS or Android?
Sony or Apple?
Amiga or Atari ST?
Spectrum or Commodore 64?
Betamax or VHS?
Action Man or Barbie?
EastEnders or Doctor Who?
Radio 4 or Radio 1?
War and Peace or Fifty Shades of Grey?
Tetris or Civilisation?
David Cameron or Ed Milliband?
Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney?
The Archbishop of Canterbury or Richard Dawkins?
Derren Brown or David Copperfield?
Raleigh or BMX?
Gieves and Hawkes or Florence and Fred?
Raiders of the Lost Ark or Terms or Endearment?
Costa Del Sol or the Inca Trail?
Only Fools and Horses or Blackadder?
Queen or Dizzy Rascal?