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Is the iPhone out of date?

Good comment today from Jason concerning if the iPhone is 'out of date' because other phones have more features. I agree with him apart from the last sentence. In my experience it takes 2 years for them to become pointless.

It is out of date LOL. I have an iPhone 5 and I love it. See, "out of date" simply means it doesn't have all the latest features that other smartphones have (or are trying). Some people want these things (like wireless charge and NFC/RFID) just to have the latest. And in some cases, iPhone/Apple are so oddly behind (the onscreen keyboard for example) I want to visit them...to say 'thanks' :)

With that said, it is still a better phone. It is especially a better phone for me once I realized I just want a phone that works without me having to add a bunch of apps to fix whats broken (Palm...ohboy). So I decided I don't want to tweak my phone to the nth degree. I don't want my phone to slow down after two years, having lags and resets, etc.

Now I still write some applications with Visual Basic 6. I just modified the EOL tester at one of the worlds most successful automotive components supplier and the app they use was created with, not LabView, but VB6! It is "out of date"! But does it work? Is it easy to use? Gets the job done? Low learning curve? No headaches? Don't have to keep changing plattforms (this one is now 15 years old)?

Being 'out of date' doesn't mean it is not good or better at the basics. And no other phone handles SW updates better, so if you don't mind keeping a phone for more than two years then this is the best phone (my iPod Touch is now 4 years old...battery charges up to about 92% and it is still good enough for the gym).

You have to buy the latest Android phone because they are crap after a year (if they are even SW supported / updated anymore).