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iPhone 4S thoughts

Here is a selection of reactions to the iPhone 4S from Twitter, Lost In Mobile and elsewhere-

"Disappointed that the screen's still 3.5" though.... Android now rather owning the high end smartphone space?" Steve Litchfield.

"Jobs sheds a tear. Not a great keynote. No passion and a weak product line. Ouch." daverage.

"So, I really wish the screen had been made bigger. I was irrationally hoping for better, but it was pretty much the smallest set of changes they could get away with. I will, of course, be first in the queue to get one, however, which is depressing. Why? Because, despite this being an incremental change, it's still head and shoulders above any other phone, in my opinion. Sad, but true." Peter.

"One thing I'm confident about is that Apple knows its market. Most iPhone 4 owners will be on 18-24 month contracts so not ready to upgrade. 3G and 3GS owners will jump at the better camera and extra speed. And some 4 owners won't be able to stop themselves." elbowz.

"There's nothing in here that makes me think Apple is still ahead of the game, usually a new iPhone has a thing or two that makes me think the competition has some catching up to do....this just makes me think that it is Apple catching up to one or two other newer devices...." Murray.

"Not for me. My contract's up in December, and unless iOS 5 completely buggers up my iPhone 4, I don't think I'll be upgrading. Can't see anything that's worth tying me into another contract.

I still think the 4 is a fantastic phone that still gives me a "wow" factor even nearly 16 months on." Statto.

"Apple must have been shitting bricks whilst we all talked about 'new hardware' (ie iPhone 5) knowing they were launching a 0.1 update today." Ewan.