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Lost In Mobile is the continuation of PDA-247 which, under various names, provided news, reviews and commentary on the mobile world for 10 years.

I have been writing about the mobile industry, mobile products, apps and everything else in between and beyond for more than 10 years, and currently write freelance for Imagine Publishing and also undertake one-off projects upon request.

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Shaun McGill

iPad for fun

Nobody 'needs' a tablet. That is a fact which is undeniable. Take a look at what tablets do, especially the iPad, and productive work is not high on the list. I have tried to work with the iPad, but anything above basic writing is painful at times and even that can be troublesome. I would love to rant on about how the quite dreadful Docs To Go lost a 1,500 work article I was writing, but I won't because I will never trust the app again. I could mention how I cannot take screenshots on the iPad and rename them before sending them to my desktop. Of course I could just upload them to Dropbox when travelling and rename them, except that the iOS Dropbox app does not allow renaming of files. It is ironic that I tend to use an Android phone to deal with my recent Dropbox uploads away from home.

Pages is not great at exporting to formats that I need to use for freelance and doesn't do the deep level word and character counting I need. I can use text editors, but I haven't found one that deals with font colours. The iPad is so hamstrung when it comes to serious productivity outside of drawing and painting that it is, in my opinion, not a viable solution for the typw of work I need to do, even with a hardware keyboard accessory. There is simply too much work left over after the writing for it to be convenient.

Reading eBooks, watching movies and playing games are what the iPad is good at and I tend to do all of these on my iPad rather than the iPhone these days. I find myself in the bizarre position of not having liked almost every Android tablet made to date, but having to conceed that the good ones are 'much' better for the kind of productivity I, and many others, need. iOS is great on a phone and works perfectly for the tasks I need it to- GPS, Podcasts, calendering, email etc. Productivity tasks are not something I tend to associate with phone use anyway, but I don't mind too much because I recognise the obvious limitations. On a tablet, however, I am beginning to feel that I want mine to do more. I can be productive if only it would let me...