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Lost In Mobile is the continuation of PDA-247 which, under various names, provided news, reviews and commentary on the mobile world for 10 years.

I have been writing about the mobile industry, mobile products, apps and everything else in between and beyond for more than 10 years, and currently write freelance for Imagine Publishing and also undertake one-off projects upon request.

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In-app purchases

In-app purchases are becoming very popular among mobile developers looking to make more revenue from their products, particular games. Most of the apps that include them are free, but some still have a minimal asking price and the debate continues as to how effective they are and if they represent good value for money.
I hate them.

I have a few issues with them, but the main one is that I never feel as if I own the app. There are games, particularly those aimed at children, that offer in-apps that can cost a fortune and the eventual cost can be well over £50. There are other games that are so difficult that you cannot progress unless you spend money for new weapons, levels and the like. And then there are those games that seemingly offer you more levels if you pass previous ones yet you still have to spend money to progress.
It happens on iOS and Android and on a personal level I would rather pay £5 for a game and own it completely. In-apps are stealth methods of dragging money out of your pocket and as I said, I hate them!