After much internal debate I have found myself settling back to one smartphone and one tablet; an iPhone 4S and iPad 3. And then my rather old standard-definition TV broke and I found myself finally joining the HD age and deciding not to buy a smart TV. I bought an Apple TV to go with my new TV purchase to bring the number of Apple products in our house to seven.

My wife owns an iPhone 3GS and so does my son. My daughter has an iPod touch. I have the iPhone 4S and iPad 3, the iMac and the Apple TV complete the set. And Apple TV opened my eyes to what a set it is. I had previously dismissed Apple TV as a toy, but now realise that it makes more sense to buy one to add to am HDTV than to buy a Smart TV. I also discovered the joys of AirPlay and just how convenient that feature is. It is a joy to use everything together and I have to applaud Apple on the way it all works.

If only iCloud was a seamless and invisible in use. It still isn't good at all in my opinion, but still I find myself coming back to the iPhone. Despite most of my freelance writing being about Android, I rate the iPad as by far the best tablet on the market and even though I don't think the iPhone 4S is the best, it really isn't, it is easy and I am lazy enough to want easy. I have too much to do each day and want to not worry about tweaking things and analysing the experience. Mobile technology to me is all about getting things done and having tools to help me do that. As it stands, the iPhone and iPad still enable me to do more in a more efficient way than the competition, but I am more than happy for that to change.