How to find the Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

The recent update to Angry Birds confused almost everyone who owned the game because a Golden Egg level appeared and none of us could work out how to find them. Here are the ones I have so far-

  • Go to the credits and watch them all of the way through. A Golden Egg will appear at the end.


  • Go to Level 5-19 and drop a bomb on the first small bridge (on the left) to get a Golden Egg.


  • Go to any level and click pause. Then click the '?' to get another Golden Egg.


  • Go to Level 2-2 and destroy the beach ball to get another Golden Egg.


  • Go to Level 4-7 and use the yellow bird to hit the Golden Egg on top of the cliff (top right).


  • Get all levels to 3 stars. Good luck with that one!

If you have any more tips, let us know.