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Google Trust

 "Do I want to try Google Keep, get sucked in, finding myself storing everything there – only to see it killed by Google in a year from now? The Google product I’m missing most now is called Google Trust." Posted on App.net by core.


So many people are criticising Google for killing off Reader, a service which was not used by as many people as users thought it was. And these people are also now expressing concerns that Google can remove any service at any time, and that they are more likely to do so than other companies.


Google is a company in need of profit, like most others and will remove services that are not generating enough income. Google also seems to be streamlining its services and has historically had a ridiculous number of services to manage. The Labs experiments went and so have other services, but the big ones remain. Gmail, Google Drive etc. etc. I see no reason why these will disappear in the long run because Google needs them, but that's not to say it will never happen. I use Gmail via Sparrow on my Mac and iPhone so no adverts. I use Google search of course, but have never clicked and advert. There are threats to Google's core business and this may well change what services are offered in the future, but I put it to those who worry about Google that Evernote, Dropbox and the rest could all suffer a major problem and disappear overnight. It only take a massive security issue and the fortunes of an online company can nosedive in an instant.


I personally like Google services. As I said I use Gmail, albeit via a personalised domain email so that I can keep my email history if Google decided to just close my account for no good reason, and I use Google Drive. I don't use iCloud for anything these days- it is inconsistent at best and at times just does not work for me. My record is waiting 5 hours for 2 screenshots to reach my Photo Stream and the fact that some documents just got lost did not help me with my iTrust issues.

I think there is a tendency to believe that Google services are more likely to disappear because they are free (at least financially), but I am still far from convinced that the Google services many of us use are more susceptible to being removed than any other. And let's be honest, many of the services are absolute game changers.