Ergo Electronics GoNote GNT10 Android Notebook

The GoNote looks pretty good for the price if you ask me. A touch screen notebook with Android 4.0 for just £149. Tempted...

The Ergo Electronics GoNote is an innovative Android notebook.

Unlike most Android products on the market today, the GoNote has a laptop/notebook form factor but does not run Windows like many netbooks. Instead it runs the highly customisable, efficient and appealing Google Android OS, version 4.0.

The GoNote is a blend of laptop design with smartphone power and productivity, designed to offer you an attractive and cost effective mobile working solution.

A 10" touchscreen (you don’t see that on other netbooks) makes up the main display, but a QWERTY keyboard and trackpad with left and right mouse buttons make for a more productive and simpler way to enter content and control the notebook.