Domes of TItan released for iPad

Domes of TItan has been released for the iPad and is free for a limited time. I have been playing with an early version for a week now and it is very immersive once you get into the game play and suited for the iPad form in almost every way. Seriously, you need to try it out.

**Free for a limited time only!** Domes of Titan puts you in the cockpit of an advanced intra-dome fighting craft, pitting you against waves of pirates in a battle to protect the citizens of Titans largest city, or try multiplayer, with two to four player head to head battles against friends old and new over the internet.

Written exclusively for the iPad with a powerful 3D engine providing a dense city environment in which to play, smoke, fog, day/night effects - it's a gas man...

- Runs on all iPads
- Retina support for iPad3
- Three levels of single player difficulty to challenge you
- Upgrade ship systems and weapons
- Play two to four players live over the internet (GameCenter)
- BlueTooth support for two player head to head
- Online leader board for single and multiplayer games
- Voice Chat in game (for GameCenter)
- Hands free Fish Bowl mode, and endless battle over the skies of Titans largest city for your viewing pleasure.