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Lost In Mobile is the continuation of PDA-247 which, under various names, provided news, reviews and commentary on the mobile world for 10 years.

I have been writing about the mobile industry, mobile products, apps and everything else in between and beyond for more than 10 years, and currently write freelance for Imagine Publishing and also undertake one-off projects upon request.

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Shaun McGill

COTD: Big Brother

Man, am I glad my mother didn't have one of these to pin me down when I was a kid. I loved my freedom, and she would have loved to track me down. No one seems to like the idea of big brother watching our every move, even if we're doing nothing wrong, yet we seem quite happy being big brother, and we use the same reasoning they do to justify it... vvoelema.

Excellent comment in response to the Filip, a device that can be used to track your children, but as a parent I still like the idea of being able to know where my kids are. As a parent, I should also have their best interests at heart. Unlike the authorities so there are two types of big brother I guess.