Recently I wrote about my contentment with the iPhone and how I couldn’t quite break away from it and the ‘contentment’ word perfectly describes how I feel. The problem is that once I reach the stage of contentment, the point at which I should be most happy with my phone, I then tend to move to something else.

The balance between contentment and novelty is a difficult one to tread once you have used a lot of smartphones and the desire to try something new is never far away. Be honest, haven’t you looked forward to setting up a new phone in the past? Adding your preferred apps, your shortcuts and discovering new ways of working. That, strangely, becomes quite addictive and is a process that I have been through many times. Fiddling, tweaking and setting things up how I like them.

I am content at the moment and the fact I don’t have enough time to mess about with new things helps, but who knows what will happen in the future. Just maybe I will jump for no other reason than to try something new. And just maybe I will regret doing that.