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Co-Pilot offers free traffic

ALK has taken a step forward in the pricing of commercial GPS traffic monitoring by making it free. Can’t complain at that move.

London, UK – 25th April 2012. ALK Technologies, leading provider of mobile navigation software, today announced that its best-selling app for smartphones and tablets, CoPilot Live Premium, will now include real-time traffic information as an included standard feature - an industry-first for a full-featured sat nav app.
Previously a £9.99 additional annual subscription, CoPilot Live’s ActiveTraffic™ service uses high quality real-time traffic flow information from Nokia to intelligently calculate the fastest route to destinations and provide a highly accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) based on actual road conditions. While driving, the service automatically monitors the route ahead for delays and suggests a faster alternative way to go if available.
“Real-time traffic information is becoming an essential way for drivers to reduce the delays and extra fuel costs caused by traffic congestion,” comments David Quin, Head of Consumer Applications at ALK Technologies. “We are delighted to make ActiveTraffic a standard feature for our CoPilot Live Premium customers: it is useful every day for any journey – whether on your commute, school run or a weekend getaway.”
“ALK Technologies continues to provide leading navigation apps and we are delighted to support its new real-time traffic service with live feeds from NAVTEQ Traffic™,” added Bruno Bourguet, Sales Vice President, Nokia, Location & Commerce. “We have a comprehensive range of sources including the world’s largest compilation of both commercial and consumer GPS probe data.  Unique, proprietary technology is used to integrate and process the source data ready for transmission via CoPilot’s Live’s ActiveTraffic™ service as consistent, seamless and borderless traffic information.”
CoPilot Live Premium apps with 12 months FREE ActiveTraffic service are available immediately on the Apple AppStore and on Google Play. Existing CoPilot Live Premium customers can download a free update to enjoy the service now. Customers who already have ActiveTraffic will get an additional 12 months on top of their current subscription.
Pricing (including lifetime-use navigation and 1 year of ActiveTraffic):
CoPilot Live Premium UK + Ireland: £24.99
CoPilot Live Premium Europe: £37.99
*12 months use of ActiveTraffic is included as standard within CoPilot Live Premium apps for Android and iOS devices. Requires a mobile internet connection.