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CardRui for iPhone review

You don't know you need some apps until you use them and CardRui is the perfect example. Like many other apps, this one is design to snap a photo and effectively scan what it sees for referring to later. In this case, however, the aims are low and the achievement is high.

It is designed to let you scan credit cards, membership cards, loyalty cards and all sorts of other slices of plastic that would normally reside in your wallet. The presentation is first class and all you need to do is double tap a card to see the front and click a small icon to watch it spin around to see the back. That may not sound like much, but I have been able to use it in Tesco, Costa Coffee, Blockbuster and my local gardening centre to prove membership or gain loyalty points. There are only so many card that you can carry at once and this app brings them all into the virtual space for you to have at hand whenever you need them.

Scanning the cards also shows that a lot of care has been put into the development. Once the photo is taken, the app will put a guide around the card you have snapped. When you touch each corner it is magnified so that you can easily hit the right spot and make the cards as realistic as possible. The results really do speak for themselves and it has already come in handy time and time again for me.

There is no backup facility which was just what I wanted to see. I want these cards on my phone and nowhere else. If it gets stolen the phone is passworded and the cards remain at home safe and sound. There are no backups online to be hacked and so I can feel fairly safe in storing my debit card and other sensitive information without worrying.

It just works, looks fantastic and is incredibly useful. It isn't a digital wallet, but it is the next best thing.