Are EA taking the pi$s?

From Patrick- "Back in February Electronic Arts released Real Racing 2 on Google Play. It was free, for the first few races and then an in app purchase opened up the rest of the game. I duly bought the in app purchase and merrily played the game on and off for a couple of months. Then Ice Cream Sandwich arrived and broke RR2 on Android. No problem, I'd wait for the upgrade... I waited, and waited, and eventually uninstalled the app as my gaming wanderlust took me elsewhere.

Today (July 6th) EA has released a new version, with no details of what's new on the app page (so I still don't know if it works on ICS), plus it has a £4.75 price tag from the off. Now this isn't an upgrade to the existing app as all comments and download info have been wiped, plus if I want to try, I now have to buy, despite already buying the game once. I emailed the developer only to get the standard, check our website help section for answers. What gives? Here's the link to the uninformative app page.