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Shaun McGill

Apple customer support: great, but a bit long-winded

As you can see from the screenshot below, Apple charged me twice for a recent book purchase. I contacted them to highlight the mistake and was promptly sent the following email within 24 hours.

Hello Shaun,

Sarah here from the iTunes Store. I understand that you have been billed twice for the iBook "Steve Jobs" and would like a refund for the duplicate purchase. When it comes to your money, I understand how important it is to be treated fairly, and I am more than happy to look into your request today.

Shaun, I have reviewed the circumstances of your case, and determined that issuing you a refund for your duplicate purchase is an appropriate exception to the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions, which state that all sales are final.

You will see a credit of 12.99, plus any applicable taxes, in five to seven business days.

If your duplicate purchase was the result of receiving an error when downloading the first purchase, please note that it is best not to repurchase the item since it is probably still awaiting download in your account. To learn more about how to resume a download that has been interrupted, follow the steps in this article:

How to resume interrupted iTunes Store downloads

I hope you find the action taken in this matter satisfactory, Shaun. Thank you for contacting the iTunes Store. If you have any additional questions regarding this matter please feel free to email us back. Have a great day!


iTunes Store/Mac App Store Customer Support

I love Apple customer service for the fact that they always reply, they always offer the correct solution and everything seems to work, but does it really need to be this long? And also why do they have to write  "determine that issuing you a refund for your duplicate purchase is an appropriate exception to the iTunes Store terms and conditions which state that all sales of final?"

This is the third time I have received a refund from Apple for errors while purchasing apps or books and every time is an exception. If you charge me twice, you have to pay me back.

The real irony is that iBooks is so shockingly bad that I am now considering asking for a refund for both copies. My settings are never saved, the books will not synchronise over all of my Apple devices and in general Amazon's Kindle solution works much, much better.