A week without a desktop

I have to spend the next few days without access to my Mac. It’s a long story, but we are having a new kitchen and the room next door needs to be used by our builder to put everything together before he installs. My iMac resides in that room, but he is a builder and so it will be hidden as far away from him as possible while he does what he needs to do.

I will be left with an iPhone, a Kindle and an iPad and so the site and everything else I need to do will be done on just those devices. Obviously the Kindle is out because it doesn’t really do anything creative and the iPhone is too small for most tasks so the iPad will be my desktop for a week.

I am expecting a week of frustration, much head scratching and a lot less productivity. I shouldn’t pre-judge what will happen and I may even be surprised at how useful it becomes, but until I can write some more about the experience, wish me luck. I should also add that a week without a desktop feels much less frightening than a week without a smartphone.