O2UK iPhone exclusive to end on October 9th

iphoneME has obtained a document which states that O2's iPhone exclusivity in the UK will end on October 9th this year. What is surprising is how quiet the other networks have been about this, but I presume they have been asked not to say anything yet.

"Orange and T-Mobile favourites to swoop in and stock Apple device.

Although there has been plentiful speculation about O2 losing its iPhone exclusivity over the last few weeks, ME has seen documentation that states it will end officially on October 9th.

O2 signed its original deal with Apple in late 2007, and is believed to have the rights to sell iPhone to 2012.

However, the exclusive arrangement lasts only for two years – although sources say that O2 may retain sole rights to the recently launched iPhone 3G S.

Orange and T-Mobile have been linked heavily with iPhone over the summer, and both networks already sell the device in other territories."