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LG Cookie Review

Product Name: LG KP500 ‘Cookie’
Price: £99.99 (+ £10 top up)
Supplied by: Carphone Warehouse
Reviewer: Shaun McGill

In The Box- LG Cookie, USB cable, stereo headset, AC adaptor, screen protector, Manual and CD software (includes LG Suite).

The box is quite petite and manages to cram everything into a small space- you get all that you need including a screen protector which is unusual these days. The software comes on a tiny CD which looks sweet, but in my case caused lots of hassle. I have an upright PC so I had to turn my PC on it’s side to install the LG Suite. Even then it took four attempts before the CD would stay in place.

The stereo headset is not good and produced a tinny sound that was decidedly average, but everything else was competent enough.

Design and Materials

The materials used and the bland(ish) design offer a budget look to the Cookie, but the build quality is excellent. It is very light at only 89 grams and feels nice in the hand, being just the right size for calling and entertainment. In a strange kind of way it is almost the perfect size and weight for a feature phone.


LG has taken it’s standard interface as used in many other phones and somehow fitted it into the Cookie. This works really well and I have experienced no lags at all when moving applications around and once you are used to it, it is a very efficient way of navigating and opening applications.

The applications themselves are not exactly smartphone quality. The Calendar, To Do and Memo applications feels like they have been lifted from a standard mobile phone and this is rather a shame. The large screen and intuitive data input options offer scope for some decent organisation, but this is missed on this particular phone. Don’t get me wrong- for very basic organisation it works, but the overly large fonts (even at the smallest setting) are too big to make the apps worthwhile.

The included games are actually very impressive, but third party offerings are as rare as an X-Factor contestant without a sob story. Having said all of this, it all sort of works and is still ahead of standard feature phones with regards to flexibility because of the hardware employed in the design.


I like the screen a lot- it works fairly well outdoors and is almost as responsive as the iPhone’s which is an impressive trick. There is some potential here for a good video experience, but I have struggled to move any file format over to it and the videos taken with the Cookie itself are not good at all.


3MP sounds decent enough for a £100 phone and it works quite well for quick snaps. Anything above this and video recording is not really very good at all. It feels as though LG has had to hamper certain areas of this phone so as not to intrude on it’s higher end model sales figures.


Games are good, music is decidedly average with a lack of base and I have not been able to test video playback yet. It’s a mixed back of budget of quality hardware producing budget playback which is a real shame.


The lack of 3G helps the battery and there is not really enough here to do serious damage to the battery between charges. On the first day I have made and received over 2 hours of calls and still had over 50% battery left- quite impressive.


A wonderful speakerphone and a positive close ear experience were a real surprise. The standard voice quality was good, but nothing to get overly excited about- it is still better than most other phones at this price though.

Data Input

Screen only phones can struggle in this area, but there are multiple options with the Cookie. The handwriting recognition is difficult to say the least, but the on screen keyboards work very well indeed. I was shocked at how quickly I could type with the landscape pad and the portrait (3 symbols per key) version is also useful for quick replies etc.


Options are limited here. GPRS / EDGE, Bluetooth and that’s about it. It all works, but you won’t be doing much surfing with this phone...


Network Type GSM Quad-band phone capable of global roaming (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Size Dimensions 4.2 x 2.2 x 0.5 inches (106.5 x 55.4 x 11.9 mm) Size Compare
Weight 3.1 oz (89 g)
Battery Type Li - Ion, 900 mAh
Talk 3.5 hours (210 mins) of Talk time
Standby 350 hours (15 days) of Stand-by time
Main Display Resolution    240 x 400 pixels
Type 262 144 colors, TFT
Touch Screen Yes with stylus and handwriting recognition
Camera Resolution 3 megapixels Resolution
Video Yes
Multimedia Video Playback MPEG4
Music Player MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, RA
FM Radio FM Radio
Memory Memory Slot microSD/microSDHC
Built-in 48 MB
Input Predictive Text Input Yes
Connectivity Internet WAP 2.0
Bluetooth 2.1
Connectors Proprietary
Other Features PhoneBook Caller groups supported, 1000 -names capacity, Multiple Numbers Per Contact, Picture ID, Ring ID
PIM Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, TO-DO
Voice Recording, Speaker Phone
Email Yes

Conclusion- The Cookie looks like it should do more than it does. The screen offers a wealth of possibilities for entertainment, but the OS fails to deliver. The software interface is not backed up by quality applications to make the experience worthwhile.

I think I looked at the Cookie as a potential smartphone for a stupidly low price, and of course it isn’t. The problem is that the design and marketing almost make you feel like it should be and this could cause disappointment. Strangely, I still love it to bits. As a standard phone it delivers in all of the places it needs to, and who knows if a future software update might make it a genuine smartphone contender.

Build Quality- 9
Ease of use- 7
Battery- 7
Screen clarity- 8
Value for money- 9
Total score- 82%