iShoot for Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry and Palm

iShoot has been a huge success on the iPhone platform and deservedly so. It has become a firm favourite in my house as my 8 year old son, wife and I fight to play it next.

You can have just as much fun though on other platforms and variations have long been available for other phones. Here's a quick run down to help you join in the fun.

Atomic Cannon is easily as good as iShoot, and on the right Windows Mobile phone will prove just as addictive. It actually has more complexity than iShoot and most would consider it to be a better game.

Scorched City is the best varient for Symbian S60 users and at only £3.59 is well worth a punt. It is not overly deep, but will satisfy any urges to blow up things...

Artillery is very basic indeed, but is the best I can find for BlackBerry devices. Battleground is slightly better, but it would be useful if any of you know of a better title.

Artillery Duel is another basic title, but this time for Palm OS. It is a clone of the original Commodore 64 game.

If you know of some better iShoot varients, just drop in a comment and we will give them a try!