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Steve Jobs 'is' Apple

jobsI am not a huge Apple fan and probably never will be. I can appreciate the quality of the products and the design credentials, but still struggle with the pricing of many Apple products.

All of the talk about Steve Job’s health has had a dramatic effect on the share price and to some people this has seemed like madness, but I’m not so sure. When I think about an Apple product, at some point in my thinking process Mr Jobs pops up. He is thought of as inventing the iPod by the general public and the same applies to the iPhone and many of the newer laptops and desktop products, but that is far from a correct analysis. He is the person who people see when they think of Apple and as such they tend to think that he has a hand in every aspect of what the company produces. People don’t think of large companies as factories; they think of them as one man instructing a group of ten people around a table every day.

The misinterpretation of his achievements are not as important as the presence the man has, and the skilful way in which he has become a figurehead like few other leaders of large corporations have managed. Bill Gates was Microsoft, but only in a geeky kind of way to the mass public. Steve Jobs has a quality which many people seem to admire and is obviously a skilled communicator, but he has something else that makes him so important to the Apple machine. I have no idea what that something else is, but he’s got it.

I’m sounding like a fan boy here, but I have to give credit for what the man has achieved. There is little doubt that the fortunes of Steve Jobs are inextricably linked to the fortunes of Apple and this may worry some investors in the long term. Companies are flexible and have the ability to survive a crisis. People cannot always do the same…