Agendus for Windows Mobile version 3.2 has been released

Agendus for Windows Mobile 3.2 has been released and includes a raft of changes, such as-

  • New Agenda View which provides a snapshot of the current day, with options for showing Tasks and also items for Tomorrow. Specific preferences complement the view allowing for additional user-specific fine tuning.

  • Today View: Consolidated the multi-action buttons into a dropdown-aware solution

  • Added Multi-Line display options in Split View, Week View Grid, Month View Expanded and both Quarter Views

  • Month and Quarter Views: Current date now flashes a few times on initial entry to one of these views

  • Meetings: Added the ability to assign the date/time to a meeting from the main edit dialog without having to invoke another dialog.

  • New Performance Tuning Options available through preferences: the Performance preference panel allows to turn on or off the smooth ui painting functionality and the total items count in dropdowns. Setting such options to "off" sensibly improves overall application responsiveness.

  • Added the ability to create a new Memo via the native Notes application, as well as the ability to go to Memo View, which will minimize Agendus and launch the native Notes application