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iPhoned... AAARGH!

A colleague at work was selling his iPhone 2G for a very good price and I stupidly bought it from him (mainly because I can sell my iPod Touch 2G and not lose too much money). Four days later it has become my main smartphone and I have absolutely no idea why?!?

I hate so many parts of the iPhone, yet somehow it can just about do what I need it to and it gives the added advantage of superb gaming, video and music playback. For many years I have been trying to cut down on my obsessive organisational habits and this is the perfect tool for the job. The calendar is dreadful. Email is poorly laid out and not easy to use when dealing with more than one account. The contacts application is bearable. Notes is useless. The whole system is so much slower than the Bold- why am I waiting a full 4 seconds for my calendar to open? Why oh why oh why am I using the iPhone?!?

It gets worse- I had to put a case on it because I am embarrassed to walk around with it to my ear. I am a 38 year old telecommunications manager and it just doesn’t look right. When you have no hair, a stomach that seems to be growing every day and look miserable all of the time, the iPhone looks too young and sexy to be attached to my fat head.

I am getting the hang of the keyboard, although I still consider it to be poor, and can now knock out one email in less than an hour. I can’t get a consistent signal in my house at all- always permanent 3G with the Bold. The voice quality and speakerphone are rubbish, yet still I am using it. Why?!?

(Had a 5 minute break to calm down a little)

The iPhone has a lot of plus points and is genuinely great at so many things, but the PIM aspect is starting to get on my nerves as each day passes. Apple needs to seriously address the general workings of the iPhone and make it a proper smartphone with credibility in the corporate world. The way it handles MS Exchange is not good at all and I can receive an email a full 5 minutes after it appears on my desktop.

Still, I will continue to use the iPhone for a while and see what happens over time- maybe it will grow on me and maybe I will become a fanboy, but I need something new to really satisfy my organisational and entertainment urges. The Palm Pre will probably do the organisational stuff very well, but entertainment may be lacking. The Bold is a master at PIM, but entertainment is somewhat limited. Who knows what will appear next and who knows why I use the phones I do?

Please excuse my immature rant which somehow ended up being an article...